Honest Pricing

ClickCease doesn't charge you more when your CPC rises. It is in the interest of PPC Protect that you spend more money on your campaign so they get a bigger cut. The ClickCease pricing model encourages you to get more clicks for less money.

Anti Click Fraud Innovation

ClickCease is always on the cutting edge of fraud technology. The smart ClickCease algorithms and behavioural modules detect more fraud based on user intent. Our mouse movement session recordings will show you a clear picture of what your site visitors did on your site.

A Trusted Brand

ClickCease is the first company to automate PPC fraud detection and blocking. We have more experience in this field than any newcomer and have the highest customer satisfaction rates.

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Click Fraud Consultants 24/7

ClickCease has invested heavily in support. The ClickCease support team is the biggest in the industry. Our click fraud consultants have seen everything related to Click Fraud and are ready to guide you through your account or campaign by phone or chat, even on weekends.