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How To Get a Refund From AdWords

Is your campaign seeing irregular activity? Is the phone not ringing enough and the steady stream of leads suddenly coming to a business killing halt?

You may be subject to click fraud. The reactive way of dealing with this is filing for an AdWords Refund. Here is how to go about it:

  • Does AdWords really offer refunds for these claims?
  • How often can you file a refund claim?
  • How much will I get back from my AdWords refund claim?


All these questions and more in this post, read on.


First of all here is the link for the refund claim form:


Guidelines for filling the refund claim form?

  1. Be specific and include as much information as you can only on what you think are relevant clicks.
  2. CTR spikes –  in the form you have an option to include specific keywords that you believe are bringing in invalid traffic. Check the CTR’s and look for X2 increases that are abnormal. This is a strong indicator of click fraud.
  3. Past Credit – Google AdWords do occasionally add credit to your account due to invalid traffic. Make sure that you are not adding items that have already been credited to your account.
  4. WebLogs!!! If you want AdWords to take your claim seriously, adding your weblogs will give your claim a stronger case. Where to find your logs?

What else can I do to try help the investigation of fraudulent traffic?

  • Location Targeting Settings– Make sure you have set them correctly before filing for traffic that happened from locations you thought should not be clicking. Setting to People in my targeted location should prevent click fraud that originates from other countries
  • Enable Auto-tagging– this generates a unique identifier that appends every paid click.
  • Click Fraud monitoring service – A third part will save you time and will send the form for you in the most accurate way. ClickCease offers a personal refunds claim mangaer as part of the anti click fraud service. 


Does the AdWords refund really work?

Just because you filed a claim doesn’t mean you will get refunded a dime. Very often you will get a template response saying:

Getting a refund from Google AdWords can be an annoying, It takes weeks to process and very often you will get a notification that nothing was found on your behalf.

If you think that you are being overlooked by AdWords support and their internal fraud team, using a real time click fraud blocking system is crucial.

Ilan Missulawin

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