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“The most effective ad protection software I’ve ever used”

ClickCease is a no brainer for anyone advertising on google or facebook. It cleans out my paid traffic so i know I'm only getting real customers to my site

Neil Patel,

Senior Marketing Specialist

The problem of click fraud is real & the solution is here

I appreciate this product very much - as it saved me hundreds of dollars. I strongly suggest people take a look at how much they are losing to click fraud

Tim Brown

CEO, Founder, Hook Agency (Marketing agency in
Minneapolis, Minnesota)

ClickCease helps us block bots from spending our Google Ads advertising budged


Phu Bui

Digital Marketing Manager

Automattic (WordPress)

Since we unstalled ClickCease™ we increased our ROI by a crazy 35%

Clickcease™ offers a user friendly interface, very responsive support and features that every sturtup and performance digital marketing agency should use.

Tomer Aaron

Co-Founder at Poptin (Saas Company)

ClickCease is excellent at what they do

They bring true value to our campaigns and keeps me quiet regarding click fraud scams, their customer support is top-notch!

Nophry Lev-Ari,

Senior Marketing Specialist

Time and money savings

The amount of time savings we get from not bringing in the "wrong" leads. I didn't realize how many times our ads were showing outside of our targeted area and in our un-serviceable area. The cost savings is great, but not wasting time on people who will never convert is amazing.

Justin Chapman

Marketing Manager


I love seeing the way the campaign performance improves over time

I love seeing the way the campaign performance improves over time. In today's crowded digital space, this is the exact tool you need to be confident in your campaign performance.


Being a clicker is actually a profession in russia...

As part of our leading projects, we are building campaigns targeting Russian audiences in Russia and the former Soviet Union. As you know this geographic area is notoriously known for click frauds. Being a clicker is actually a profession there and there are sites where you can register and receive such clicks from service owners. I always recommend our clients to install software that prevents invalid clicks. This software saves at least 10-20 percent of your advertising budget.

Alona Meiller Yamin,



Long term partnership

As a Google Ads Product Expert (PE Gold), I do recommend Clickcease on Google Ads Community. We are partners since many years. We do particularly appreciate Clickcease reactivity when facing a problem or when adding a new account. The question or problem is solved within a few minutes, at any time. Always someone online.

Jérôme Souriau, CEO


Saved over 20% of my clients budget with ClickCease

Using ClickCease was more beneficial then I expected and I was able to see and realize the savings in real-time and provide my clients more protection in the age of more fraud online.

Bradley Zeller,

Managing Partner


ClickCease saves

We have over 100 AdWords accounts protected by ClickCease and we save 1000's of dollars a month by blocking fraudulent clicks.

Sky Romero, Digital

Marketing Manager


If you have a click fraud issue, ClickCease is a great solution.

Clickcease is an easy to use tool that helps us understand the quality of our traffic beyond analytics and the Google Ads interface. It is easy to understand and make changes to your account based on what it says. Their refund management tools are also an added plus. If you think you have an issue with click fraud, ClickCease is a great solution.

Jeffrey Lush

Director Of Marketing


Easy to setup and use. pays for itself!

A few of our clients have very competitive industries and previously had quite a bit of click fraud from competitors. This helped solve that problem and increase campaign efficiencies. Reporting is super simple and straight forward so you can show clients or your team or boss the value it brings and the money it saves.

Hyrum T.

Digital Marketer


Love how simple it is to use

Love how simple it is to use, and the way it works in the background without me having to even think about it!
If you're looking for an effortless way to defeat false clicks, ClickCease is the way to go. Really effective where it matters most.

Amanda Meyncke,

Head of Marketing


ClickCease is a perfect solution for anyone running ppc campaigns

it helped us improve our client's PPC campaigns and saved us lot of money.

Shachar Srebrenik, CEO, Digital Express

(Advertising Agency)


High-five for ClickCease!

ClickCease is very easy to use and navigate around. We are still learning about how this all works, but so far, the reporting etc. has been really easy to understand. We will be spending more time implementing this over the coming months. The Dashboard is very well set out and easy to see what is going in as a snapshot overview and then can drill down into more in-depth reporting.

Georgie Kirby, Director


It pays off!

ClickCease gives my clients peace of mind, knowing that there is advanced software to help eliminate bot, spam, robot, and competitor clicks on our Google Ads account. The dashboard showing how much it saves is easily the best feature since clients only care about money realistically at the end of the day.

Michael Lyjak, CEO

Efficiency marketing agency


Back in the ppc game thanks to clickcease

THESE GUYS ROCK! I actually gave up on Google AdWords years ago because the Cost Per Aquisition did not make business sense, and I knew in my heart of hearts it was because of bad actors. SPAM, Affiliates, COMPETITION... so I gave up and focused all my energy on ORGANIC which works great, but it's not as scalable. Well, I met these guys at a show and way a bit skeptical but started using their product and quickly found myself enjoying ADWORDS again. My first few tests saved me over $12,000 and the system only allowed $8000 to go through. EASY MATH, on what would have been a $20,000 spend I only spent $8k saving over 60% which actually brought my CPA in under budget! I am excited to log in to my PPC account each morning it's like old times. (I started doing PPC before google back when it was overture and clicks were $.01 click) If you have made money or are making money on PPC and not using this service, you are wasting money especially if your CPC is over $10.00 (WEHRE MOST FRAUD LOSS HAPPENS). If you have questions or want to validate this is a real testimonial, because it does sound to good to be true give them a call and ask for my number, I have given them permission to use me as a "live referral". It is the least I can do, they have given me a $1,000,000.00 Gift. If you think "out of the box" you will quickly find ways to use these tools to really drive your CPA down and your profit up. GOOD LUCK!

Jeff Cline, CEO


The safety and peace of mind is worth a lot more than they charge

it’s nice to know that I do not have to spend my time monitoring my AdWords campaigns someone is doing it for me making sure that my competitors are running out my budget early in the day on purpose

Sean Smallwood, Owner Law Practice


Do you want to save money? this is fundamental for any ads campaing

Amazing. I love the support because they are fast, you use the online chat and they answer very quickly! They send you a copy of the conversation at the email. So to me! I love the software.

Narciso Jiménez Martín,

Marketing Director


Amazing tool

Amazing tool, I did try other options but nothing compares to the level of support.

Fabricio Ferraz,

Principal CEO


Great customer service and good product

Great customer service and good product. Recommended and will recommend to friends.

Paul Je, Co-Founder,



Detect and react to correct information

The detection algorithms are incredibly advanced. Being able to control traffic at the click of a mouse is super useful. We needed accurate analytics regarding ad response, but with bots so prevalent it was almost impossible to get an accurate picture. ClickCease gave us this information and further allowed us to control/report on a variety of factors. Keyword and placement analytics helped us tailor our advertising for a better response which was immediately visible as effective.

I haven't run into anything I disliked about ClickCease. We had a need and they filled it to a T.

Joshua Dreyfus,

Application Support Engineer


Simply put; it works

Aside from the fact that our Google AdWords spend has been going towards ACTUAL clicks from ACTUAL people, and our cost for subscription to ClickCease is nothing by comparison to our savings, the customer service team is always available, and always helpful. This part of our small business gets to go on “autopilot” without worry.

Daniel Rubin



A must have for any google ads account

At Just Legal Marketing, our team used to spend hours analyzing clicks, server logs, IP addresses, site visitor behavior, etc. to target potential click fraud on our accounts. ClickCease has simplified and automated that entire process for us. In fact, the service catches much more fraudulent activity than we uncovered manually. Overall, if you aren't using ClickCease on your accounts, then you are losing money every day. You deserve 5 Stars ClickCease!

Stephan Futeral, CEO


Do not run an adwords campaign without

Do NOT Run an AdWords campaign without Nowadays It's impossible to make an ROI on AdWords without them. I can't thank them enough.

Matt Fisher, owner


ClickCease pays for itself

I am very happy with our decision to use ClickCease. It has augmented our analytics, giving greater transparency to click fraud in our online advertising. It pays for itself in the click savings. We also like the ability to customize with the many settings available to test and change the way the clicks are blocked.


Definitely a useful program!

Useful program and great customer service!

Clean Air Force


They beat all click fraud at their own game

They have saved us from a lot of fake clicks which in turn has saved us a lot of money.
They are the top rated google ads click fraud prevention and will save you a lot of money.

Paolo M.

Owner, Retail, 11-50 Employees,
Verified organic Capterra reviewer


Must have for high volume click businesses

The automation for set up was great and easy to follow.

Thomas Berry,



Great product

Great product, Awesome Support. Very useful insights in my data. Wish I had it earlier!

Jonathan Wong Swie

San, Owner


Solid additional safeguard against click fraud

I really enjoy using ClickCease as a backup to Google's internal fraud protection. Google obviously wants to have a fraud free platform, but click fraud is far from their top priority. I've been using ClickCease for almost two years and enjoy the additional level of protection it provides me and my clients - who are small business owners.

Frank Salvatore


Easy to set up - incredibly powerful!

Click Cease is incredibly easy to setup and very powerful! I love the security that the software provides in minimizing unwanted clicks so i can spend more of my marketing dollars on clicks that will actually convert. The staff is very quick to respond and professional. Highly recommend Click Cease to anyone running a campaign whether a small or large budget.

Bryce Robbins,



It pays off!

I highly recommend this service. Reasonable price, awesome support team, and the very 1st reason - it pays off (refunds from google and blocking attackers by ip / ip range thus preventing them to dump your budget)

Anton Shakhidzhanov,

of a beautyshop, Moscow, Russia


Don't run a ppc campaign without ClickCease

The customer service has been excellent. ClickCease has been proactive in helping configure my accounts and understand more about the settings. Plus, the automated reports your company sends in very helpful in understanding results and the impact your program is having on results.

Steve P.

President of internet company,
verified organic Capterra reviewer


Blocking all the bots

Since we've started using ClickCease, our ad-spend went down and the conversions went up

Rom Ribak,

Head of Digital


Thank you

During covid-19 many customers service from big companies are slacking off, but Clickcease has a strong customer support and great service to their customers!
Thank you Sam and ClickCease

Andy Liu,



It is a great service

It is a great service. We use it in all our accounts. It helps to save a lot of money.

Nataly Groisman,

PPC Team Leader


Quality software

Interface is really easy to understand, good quality support. It does what is suppose to do, without any problems.

Bartosz Jabłoński,

SEM Specialist


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