Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment? Why should I trust you?

Payment is made by clicking the suitable button in the pricing area. We use Paypal services to receive payments, first because it simplifies the payment process for you, and, more importantly, because this is another assurance for you that we do successfully provide a click fraud protection service and that our customers are happy.

Otherwise, Paypal would not work with us.

How fast do you block a fraudulent IP?

Our system monitors your traffic at all times. The moment our system detects click fraud, it also tells Google to block the IP.

How many landing pages do you support?

ClickCease™ supports an UNLIMITED number of landing pages for each domain on all packages.

How do you detect fraudulent ad clicks?

We track fraudulent clicks using our unique monitoring technology:

We use a sophisticated "double layer" monitoring system that will catch any attacker. We use:

  • 1. A HTML code that detects the attacker's activity on your website.

  • 2. An Adwords tracking template that connects us directly to Google to get unique information regarding each click.

How do I start?

Once you subscribe any of our protection plans you will receive an email with all the information you need. You will be up and running within a few minutes.

How do I claim adwords credit back from Google?

We provide comprehensive reports regarding your sites visitors, ad clicks, search queries and many more. In addition, we provide a full and detailed report of paid clicks made on your ads. In order to claim credit back from Google, all you have to do is to send Google our report and specify the fraudulent IPs. You can also use our refund claim agent.

What if I exceed a plan's limit?

As long as you don't exceed it on a regular basis - that's ok. We will not upgrade your plan without notifying you first.

Are there any additional fees? any commitment?

There are no additional fees of any kind and no strings attached.

Do you support secure browsing?

Yes. Our click fraud monitoring methods fully support https browsing.

Doesn’t Google prevent click fraud?

Google does detect click fraud, but many Adwords advertisiers feel that it is not enough. Google usually gives back credit to your account hours after the fraud takes place.

The immediate result would be that your ad budget would be exhausted and your ad will not be online for hours.

In addition, Google's click fraud characteristics are identical for all advertisers. While 10 clicks from the same IP address in a period of a day is completely normal for one advertiser, another might see this as nothing but click fraud. ClickCease™ will keep your ad online and will configure the service to suit your business needs.

Block click fraud from ruining your campaign!