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What Is Click Fraud and How to Protect Your PPC Ads

What is Click Fraud? And how to stop PPC fraud. The rise of digital marketing, specifically PPC campaigns, has done incredible things for companies. It lets them target specific demographics. It also puts them...

Click Fraud Malware: Protect Yourself or Become an Accomplice

Since you are reading this blog, it’s safe to assume that you’re familiar with click fraud. We’re taking it one step further and talking about click fraud malware.  If you’re like most of our readers or...

5 Fantastic AdWords Blogs

Fighting click fraud is just one of the necessary tools in optimizing your PPC campaign(s). Blogs are a great source of information that can provide you with AdWords best practices, latest news, and so much...

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8 PPC YouTubers To Watch

PPC Youtubers Selection: Ever feeling lost when it comes to pay per click advertising? Then you may want to consider turning to YouTube. YouTube is a one-stop shop for all the video content one could ever hope or dream...

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