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Blocking fraud faster

Our advanced technology detects and blocks fraudulent IPs in under 3 seconds, making it the fastest in the industry.

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Every one of your paid clicks that goes through our detection system is recorded and available for your viewing and analysis. Data points that aren't readily accessible on Google Ads can be found in ClickCease.


ClickCease goes the extra mile to make sure no genuine customers get blocked. With our custom features, extensive black-list of already known fraudulent IPs and a constantly learning AI software, ClickCease gives you the best opportunity to reduce your CPA.

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Why I chose Clickcease

“easy to use”
"Reporting is super simple and straight forward so you can show clients or your team or boss the value it brings and the money it saves."
Hyrum T.
Digital Marketer
“worth every cent”
"ClickCease is probably the most impactful tool I use for all my clients."
Mike Moll, Director & founder
“great SUPPORT”
"Amazing tool, I did try other options but nothing compares to the level of support."
Fabricio Ferraz, Principal CEO
“Best Performance”
"Since we've started using ClickCease, our ad-spend went down and the conversions went up."
Rom Ribak, Head of Digital
“simply the best”
"They beat all click fraud at their own game. They are the top rated Google Ads click fraud prevention and will save you a lot of money."
Paolo M.
Owner, Retail Business
“reliable & efficient”
“With ClickCease, our Google Ad spend has been going towards actual clicks from actual people. This part of our small business gets to go on “autopilot” without worry.”
Daniel Rubin, CEO

Clickcease Joined the cheq family IN 2020

Combining the CHEQ and ClickCease technologies has introduced the world of click fraud blocking to a new era. Our team of fraud analysts, developers and support agents is by far the largest in the campaign protection industry.

Dikembe Mutombo

Legendary NBA Shot Blocker

Cheq's Chief Blocking Officer

protecting and monitoring each month

2,000,000 Campaigns
1 Billion clicks
94+ countries

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Unique Features
ClickCease offers a range of useful features such as session screen recordings, campaign level blocking, Adspy and much more to help you stay on top of the Google Search page.
The ClickCease App
The only click fraud solution that allows you to monitor your campaigns wherever you are. The ClickCease App is available on both the AppStore and Google Play.
24/7 Support
ClickCease support is known for being knowledgeable, helpful and quick in dealing with issues. The 24/7 support is always available for your needs.

A team devoted to your success

A small business at our roots, we know how important every dollar is when it comes to advertising. We get up in the morning motivated to help small marketers survive and succeed in the digital advertising space that is polluted with fraud.