We Stop Adwords Click Fraud Automatically

ClickCease is a complementary service to Google Adwords \ Bing Ads click-fraud filters. What they do not detect - ClickCease does!

stop Bots


At least 40% of internet traffic is non human (bot traffic). Some of these script generated bots are clicking on your ads. Stop subsidizing the matrix!

block competitors


Is your competitor the kind of person that would demolish your adwords budget in a few minutes if he could? With ClickCease protection your competitor won't be able to touch your ads.

block hackers


Usually in the form of click-farms, and normally receive money from your competition. These guys are cool, but only on tv shows.

We support bothgoogle adwords logoand Bing ads logo platforms

How It Works

analyze click fraud


We track anything clicking on your ads (bots, competitors etc.). Gain insight into who and how your ads are getting clicked.

detect click fraud


Our industry leading algorithms separate the real potential customers from the fraudsters and bots.

block click fraud


Without you lifting a finger we deny the malicious elements from ever seeing your ads. Say goodbye to invalid clicks.

Features You're going to Love

247 monitoring

24\7 Always On Click-Fraud Monitoring

Constant uptime service monitors your incoming traffic for malicious elements such as bad hosts, proxies, blacklist IP addresses and also the unique behaviour of IP’s on your campaign.

stops click fraud

Stops Click-Fraud Before It Happens

Unlike other click fraud detection services out there, we don't just detect click fraud, we actually block future click fraud automatically and instantly so the attacker won't be able to see your ads again!

business specific

Business-Specific Click-Fraud detection Rules

Every business is different and has its own special needs. We allow you to configure our system to be perfectly suited for your business. Only fraudulent visitors will be detected while innocent traffic stays untouched.

save money

Save Money

Be sure that today, up to 20% of your advertising budget gets lost due to click fraud. If you have us on your side, we will reduce fraudulent clicks to a minimum, if not altogether.

deteailed reports

Detailed & Comprehensive Reports

Find out more about who is attacking you with the data we supply you such as: IP address, location, ISP, keywords used, device ID (the list goes on)

risk free

Risk Free

We offer a monthly based contract. No strings attached. You can cancel at any time. We offer a trial period on all protection plans. You will not be charged unless you are happy with the service.

Click Data

Uncover the details behind the clean customer clicks and the dirty competitor clicks on your ads & set fraud fighting rules tailored to your business. Change the "I think it is" into an "I know".

clickcease dashboard

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