How ClickCease helped prevent $65,000+ worth of competitor clicks for a popular law firm

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Cleaner traffic
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Matt Levy, the director of marketing for has always been aware of the dangers of click fraud. From the get go, would see lots of call clicks on Google but would not actually receive anything. “We had days where it said, you had the best keywords, the highest clicks, we were number one, but you got nothing."

Matt could tell it was competitors because the ads daily budget would be spent with no results from the clicks they received.

This was when Matt decided to look into Click Fraud protection. At the time, ClickCease was the only reliable and proven service having had many years of experience in the industry.

It was also important for Matt and his team to see what was really going behind each click.
“ We wanted broad, we wanted more than just user agents. We wanted things that could record screens. We wanted to know all the different things that were happening in the background that could lead to fraud and we didn't want false positives. We wanted to avoid false positives as much as possible.”

The solution

The results were effective immediately. As soon as ClickCease was “turned on”, the traffic turned from low quality to high instantly. Clickcease showed the waves of competitor clicks received on a weekly basis. Within the first few weeks, was receiving 40 to 60% of fraudulent traffic. This fraud was happening mainly on their brand campaigns since it is such a competitive industry. By ClickCease blocking this traffic, it saved $65,000 a week that could be then spent on genuine traffic. After deeper analysis using the ClickCease fraud analytics, Matt was able to pinpoint  which competitors were clicking on their ads and adjust the campaigns accordingly. “ We were able to figure out the direction of who was clicking our ads when we were bidding on things and just blocking them based on campaigns.”
ClickCease has become a core service for Matt and his team. They have been able to increase their ad spend in multitudes in areas that were once stagnant. “Every single week, digital has been at 1% increase since the beginning of a COVID, and we attribute a lot of that to ClickCease”

“from the second we turned it on to the fact we've never turned it off. It has been a testament to the fact that it's truly one of the most useful things we do on a daily basis.”

Final remarks

Matt had to convince the lawyers at the firm that click fraud was as damaging as he had thought. With an average CPC in the law industry of $6,50, They did not want to believe that so much money could be lost due to this. As Matt says: “ I mean, look, the partners didn't want to believe this was happening. It's proof that it's happening. We have to have a service like you guys. So yeah, it's been a huge win, and I hope you guys continue doing well, I wish there were as many tools that were as reliable as this.”

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All industries and businesses are affected by click fraud in a unique way. Results are subject for the fraud your own business is facing

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