How ClickCease helped a well known legal firm identify and prevent fraudulent click attacks on Google Ads.

Cleaner traffic
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Key Results

Cleaner traffic
clicks saved


Arizona based criminal defense lawyers, Oliverson & Huss, operate in the competitive American legal niche. With keywords such as “ Attorney” and “Lawyer” ranking in the top 6 most expensive keywords ( average cpc of $45), it was imperative that their investment returned a high performance.

However, with a daily budget of $700, they were regularly exceeding $2000 with minimal conversions in return. The conclusion being that there was more than just poor performing campaigns.

“On top of this, we were also getting a lot of automated robo calls, which was super annoying to me and my clients as we knew this was wasted ad dollars.” noted Jordan Le from JLE media who is responsible for the marketing campaigns for Oliverson & Huss.

“Very quickly we saw a large amount of clicks flagged up as fraudulent, and many others blocked automatically.”

The solution

Implementation with ClickCease took less than 5 minutes. Equipped with automatic blocking, Oliverson & Huss saw a dramatic decrease in fake calls and fake clicks. “We were also able to reduce robo calls, if not completely eliminate them. So we knew that our budget was finally being put to good use towards clicks that were coming from actual potential clients”, says Jordan.

Looking at the monthly fraud reports for March-June 2021 for tells an interesting story.The majority of fraudulent clicks, 79.5%, came from ‘Over threshold’, implying that certain users are clicking their ads multiple times in a set time frame. This is something that should not be the case in such a competitive and demanding service.

ClickCease was able to save $6000 in that same time frame just by stopping these multiple clicks.

Final remarks

Of all the fraudulent clicks that received ( totaling 9.8% of their traffic for the given time period) , ClickCease found that 72% of this fraud was coming from mobile devices. The combination of ‘over threshold’ and mobile device clicks implies a strong case of competitor click fraud.

In such a competitive industry, ClickCease has helped Oliverson & Huss stay one step ahead of all their competitors by preventing unnecessary losses while simultaneously increasing leads. “The most important thing to us was how many clicks we were able to block leading to how much money we were able to save.”

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All industries and businesses are affected by click fraud in a unique way. Results are subject for the fraud your own business is facing

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