Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get your pay per click campaigns and Google Ads account into tip top shape. For many businesses summer is a key season for sales and a major digital marketing opportunity.

So, in these upcoming summer months, your business will need to put it’s best foot forward so your advertising budget won’t melt in the hot summer sun. What this means is that you’ll need to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized and ready to maximise your ROI.

So, these are our best tips and tricks to help you plan your summer ad campaigns.

1. Go Mobile!

More than ever (and especially in the summer) it’s all about mobile advertising.

Think about it, it’s summer, the weather is amazing so naturally you’re spending more time outside. When you’re outside and enjoying the hot summer sun you’re using your mobile device more for your daily searches instead of your desktop.

So this means that the mobile aspect of your summer ad campaigns needs some summer lovin’.

But how?

To handle this rise in summer traffic increase your mobile specific bids by 25%.

Test this strategy out for a couple weeks in order to get some real data to decide whether it’s working or not. If mobile traffic/conversions are up then you’ll know it’s a hit.

searching in the summer means mobile on the beach

2. Timing Is Everything

Like everything in life, it’s all about timing. The timing of your ads is no different in order to optimize your PPC campaign for summer.

One of the best parts of summer are the longer days and this should be reflected in your ad scheduling. Since the days are longer and the nights are shorter, we recommend adding two hours to the beginning and end of your ad schedule.

This way you can now compensate for the longer days and not lose out on potential business.

But do proceed with caution… don’t burn in the summer heat.

Like with mobile, keep an eye on the analytics to make sure this adjustment is indeed effective.

timing your summer marketing

3. Freshen Up Your Campaigns

Not only does your wardrobe need a new summer look but so do your PPC campaigns.

Time to put the Mother’s Day ads on the back burner and focus on more summer related products such as BBQ equipment, sunglasses, sunscreen, and the list goes on.

Especially for summer related products or services, this is your time to shine.

Even if your product or service isn’t directly summer related doesn’t mean you can’t give your ad copy a fresh new look. Add bright summer colors to your ads themselves and using words like “summer discount” or “stay cool for summer” to give them that fresh summer look and feel.

Add some summer fun to your PPC marketing campaigns

4. Keep Out The Fraudsters

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean the fraudsters are too busy tanning by the pool to click on your ads.

What exactly do we mean by fraudsters?

  • Your competitors – yes, there’s nothing stopping them from clicking on your ads while hosting their annual summer BBQ..
  • Click farms – a large scale operation dedicated click fraud, usually hired by your competition to remove your PPC ads from search engine results.
  • Bots – 50% of all internet traffic is from bots. These bots can easily be used to click on your ads…

Bots and click farms never sleep so either should the protection on of your pay per click campaigns.

It’s a small price to pay to ensure that each and every click is coming from real potential customers.

Watch out for click fraud on your summer ad campaigns

ClickCease blocks click fraud on your Google and Bing Ads (including GDN and YouTube) in real time using our sophistcated algorthims. Known sources of fraud are blocked instantly, and behaviour that we flag as suspicious is highlighted for your attention so you can choose to block or not.

The ClickCease dashboard also provides comprehensive detailed reports that give you a 360 degree view of each and every click on your paid ads. This also includes our unique visitor session recordings for each ad click.

For clicks flagged as fraudulent but not blocked, our Automatic Refund Claims Agent even files reports for you every two months for Adwords credit. Some of our customers receive refunds of hundreds of dollars.

Not only will this prevent your advertising budget from melting in the hot summer sun but will save you immense time and money so that you can focus on enjoying your summer.

Final Thoughts

Summer is coming, it’s time to optimize your PPC campaign by following these tips and tricks to help improve ROI.

By focusing more on mobile, adjusting your timing, and freshening up your campaigns will help to ensure your summer ppc marketing is in tip top shape for this summer season.

Remember to keep an eye on your adjustments by checking the analytics to make sure these new tactics are working.

After you’ve spent all this hard earned time and money to freshen up your campaigns take the final step and protect your ppc campaigns from fraudsters with third party anti click fraud detection softwares like ClickCease.