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4 Fresh Tips To Spring Clean Your Adwords Account

With the change in weather, it’s time to clean up your Adwords account with a little spring cleaning. Whether it’s cleaning up your current campaigns or busting out seasonal ones from hibernation.

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, this means spring is here.

So it’s out with the old and in with the new!

It’s important to spring clean your Adwords account to optimize your PCC campaigns.

Here are 4 tips on how to spring clean your search engine advertising campaign(s).

1. Freshen Up Your Seasonal Strategy

Although it may seem like common sense…

Give your ads themselves a fresh new look for spring. Don’t waste your money advertising things like snow plowing services or winter coats. Even though there are still people searching for these keywords, the volume in the spring and summer months are far less. So reduce or pause winter/nonrelevant campaigns to focus your efforts on more seasonal products and services.

Not only should the products or services that your advertising should be more spring/summer orientated but the look and feel should be seasonally appropriate with bright colors and summer related words.

So retire your jingle bells until next holiday season to open the door for new spring deals.

Keep Your Ads Fresh

2. Tidy Up Your Account

Now that your ads themselves have a fresh new look it’s time to give your account a serious spring cleaning. But you may be thinking to yourself, where do I even start?

First, go through and delete keywords that haven’t gotten any action such as impressions, clicks, or conversions. Identify and ditch the keywords that are performing well.

Now take a look and ask yourself if your campaigns that run all year (nonseasonal) are:

  • Profitable?
  • Generating leads?
  • Improving ROI?

Once you’ve evaluated your nonseasonal campaigns you’ll have a better understanding of what’s working and apply that to the upcoming season.

Taking a good look at your analytics will provide the necessary insight and give you a 360 view of your campaigns to determine the answers to these important questions.

Clean Up Your Account

3. Blooming Automation

As if automation hasn’t saved you both time and money in the past now it’s time to apply this to your Adwords account.


Popularly referred to as building blocks of your Adwords account because of its many valuable uses and functions.

With labels, you can do everything from efficient categorization from all levels including campaigns to individual ads. Based on labels create custom filters, run scripts based on rules related to labels, and even get detailed reports.

By simply labeling in your Adwords account they become more than just a color coding system.

AdWords Automation

Automated Rules: Skies The Limit

There are countless automated rules you can implement to your Adwords Account to have it running automatically to avoid the hassle.

Here are just a few:

  • Pause poor performing keywords/ads/campaigns.
  • Automate your bid scheduling.
  • Schedule campaigns to start and stop on certain dates.

Automatically increase budgets when performance is better than usual.

Link Checker Scripts

Basically, link checker scripts cycles through all the ads and checks for status codes URLs return. Then publishes URLs that return 404 (ERROR) to a spreadsheet. This is great when weeding out the bad links. If your ads are being viewed by URLs like a 404 return then you’re wasting ad spend!

Cleanse Your Accounts of Fraudsters

To go along with cleaning up your account it’s time to truly protect your advertising budget.

First, take a good look at your IP list to check for fishy behavior…

Eliminate Fraudsters

Fishy activity clicks from outside your targeted area. Watch out for countries like India and Bangladesh who are hotbeds for clicks farms.

If all your ad spend for one day is all from one IP address you are most definitely a victim of click fraud.

Once you’ve taken a look at your IP list, try some DIY techniques to fighting click fraud!

This may be a good start for you but remember DIY click fraud detection is a time sink that may cost your business time and money that it just cannot afford to lose.

For a true spring cleaning of your Adwords campaigns consider a click fraud protection service like ClickCease to fully protect your campaign and block those Fraudsters.

Final Thoughts

Since spring is in the air it’s time to clean up your Adwords account. Give your ads a fresh look for the new season, clean up the backend, get rid of keywords, ad groups, and even campaigns that didn’t make it through winter.

Don’t just stop there, protect your new and improved Adwords account with ClickCease to preserve your advertising budget and improve your ROI this quarter.

Ilan Missulawin

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