So you’ve created an ideal advertising campaign for your business…but, you may find that consumers get lost during the process after clicking on your ad. That’s where WordPress landing page plugins come in. 

Utilizing a WordPress plugin presents your ideas on one page, making it easier for individuals to view. This guide explores six of the best WordPress plugins to boost your conversion rates including Elementor, Beaver Builder, LeadPages, Divi Builder, Optimize Press, and Thrive Architect.  

Why Should You Use A WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

When it comes to WordPress landing pages, first impressions count. Creating an engaging WordPress landing page can make all the difference between an individual becoming a customer or an unnecessary click. Why should we use WordPress plugins? When it comes to the success of your business, there are many benefits to this tool:

1. Increase Conversion Rate

WordPress landing pages templates target a specific product or service making it easy for consumers to follow through with a purchase. Whether a registration form, an online transaction, or signing up for a subscription, creating a simple yet attractive WordPress landing page template can have a huge impact on your CTR

2. Attract More Leads

Not many people will want to spend time scrolling for what they’ve seen advertised. If viewers are instantly directed to your landing page while browsing Google, social media, or Gmail this, in turn, will generate more leads. 

3. Boost Your SEO

Advertising campaigns and landing pages work hand-in-hand to boost your SEO. Just as you would design your ad with relative keywords and easy-to-navigate features, your landing page should also complement this style to increase your ranking on Google. We understand how important SEO can be for our businesses, so introducing this high-converting landing page can have a huge positive impact.

Our Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins for 2019

Let’s explore the pricing, features, and benefits of our 6 WordPress plugins for 2019 which all come with a trial for a free WordPress landing page plugin:


Build a wonderful landing page in a few simple steps with Elementor’s easy-to-use drag and drop features. Choose from 300 stunning templates which you can edit with your own content. Create your own ecommerce site with inclusive widgets to sell your products with ease. Elementor offers 3 different plans including Personal for $49, Plus for $99, and Expert at $199 per year.

Elementor Plugin - WP
Credit: Elementor Plugin – WP

2.Beaver Builder:

Coming out on top as the best WordPress plugin, Beaver Builder holds the space to create a beautifully-designed landing page without the hassle of coding. Explore their many attractive templates that you can customize. A great benefit of this plugin is that it’s compatible with all WordPress sites so you can easily save your custom designs and transfer to another landing page. Beaver Builder pricing features 3 plans: Standard $99, Pro $199, and Agency $399.

Beaver Builder - Landing Pages WP Plugin
Credit: Beaver Builder Plugin – WP


As the name suggests, LeadPages WordPress plugin is designed with all the vital features needed to create high-converting landing pages. With a choice of over 150 high-quality templates designed with CRO in mind, you are sure to convert views into sales with this plugin. You can also easily target your social media audience as LeadPages works closely with these platforms allowing you to enhance visibility. Choose from 3 pricing plans: Standard $25, Pro $48, and Advanced $199 per month. 

Lead Pages - Landing Pages Tool
Credit: Lead Pages

4. Divi Builder:

Created by Elegant Themes, one of the original WordPress theme shops, Divi Builder still stands as a popular choice for a plugin. Select one of the premade WordPress landing page templates or create your own. Building a landing page is easy with Divi’s easy drag and drop features. Sign up for yearly access at $89 or treat yourself to a lifetime plan at $249. Both options grant you full access, unlimited websites, and users.

DiVi Page Builder Plugin - WP
Credit: DiVi Page Builder Plugin – WP

5. OptimizePress:

Focused on CRO, OptimizePress drives conversion rates with their appealing landing page templates which entice customers. Inclusive features of this plugin present email marketing and opt-in forms that make it easy for consumers to connect with your business. Not only do you have the choice of 60 eye-catching templates, but you can also shop on the OptimizePress marketplace for something really special. Annual pricing plans include Essential $99, Business $149, and Suite $199.

OptimizePress Landing Pages
Credit: OptimizePress

6. Thrive Architect:

This powerful plugin presents the space to build a high-conversion landing page. Advanced editing features allow you to get a feel for the finished piece while you create, allowing you to design the perfect template for your product. All marketing features are integrated within the plugin to boost CRO. With over 270 ready-to-use templates, you are sure to find something that compliments your brand. Choose from three plans including Thrive Membership $19, Single License $67, or 5 License Pack $97.

Why Do You Need A Killer Landing Page?

Landing pages play a vital role in the success of PPC advertising campaigns and present important metrics for Google ads. Using a landing page builder WordPress with a beautifully designed template can transform views into sales; it’s all down to your layout. When someone clicks on your ad and is presented with an engaging and welcoming landing page, they are more likely to explore and purchase especially if you have included clear CTA’s. A killer landing page promotes your brand, boosts SEO, and drives organic traffic to your website.

How To Create A Killer Landing Page – Tips and Rules

So, now we have covered the top WordPress landing page plugins and why they are effective tools for your PPC campaign. Let’s explore WordPress landing page builder with some tips and rules on creating your own killer landing page.

Create a Visual Harmony

Don’t go for mediocre. You want to grasp the viewer’s attention by presenting an attractive layout. Make sure your theme complements your brand, and you use a color scheme that viewers can easily read. Including images and videos can boost your conversion rates by over 80%.

Present your Benefits with Clarity

Customers want to know why they should purchase your product and how it will influence their lives so clearly outlining all your benefits is important. Pitch significant features, benefits, and pricing so that consumers have all the information they need to know right before their eyes.

Be Adventurous with Words

Due to the nature of PPC, your use of vocab can either make or break your campaign. By setting your tone as welcoming with a sense of urgency, customers begin to feel the fear of missing out and want to explore what you have to offer. Applying emotional triggers throughout your writing may also entice viewers to click on your link, as they feel connected and personalized.

Include CTA on every Landing Page you Create

The most important element of creating a killer landing page is attaching CTA links to your website to direct consumers directly to your source. Your entire landing page promotes your brand so presenting a link to your product adds a crucial cherry on the cake. Make sure your CTA stands out so that customers can easily click and be redirected to your website.

Protect your Campaign from Click Fraud

Finally, after putting in all the hard work using the best WordPress landing page plugins, you will want to ensure your campaign is protected against click fraud. A shocking 20% of advertisers’ budgets are wasted due to click fraud in PPC. But with the right protection, you can increase CTR, revenue, and overall campaign performance.ClickCease offers click fraud prevention software which protects you against fraudsters excessively clicking on your link without any intentions of purchasing.

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