How ClickCease saved one of our clients over 10k per month in fraudulent click activity

Cleaner traffic
clicks saved
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Key Results

Key Results


Cleaner traffic




clicks saved


clicks saved


Wit Digital is a marketing agency that provides digital advertising, web design, and SEO solutions to the home services industry (Plumbing, HVAC, Electric, Roofing, etc.).

Wit Digital was long aware that click fraud took place within the SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns they were running, but had always relied on Google to help combat individual occurrences on a case-by-case basis.

Activity within their SEM campaigns had always been fairly good within the Google Ads search network, so no major red flags had been raised with regards to fraudulent click activity.

After implementing ClickCease on one of their biggest Pay-Per-Click accounts, Daniel’s Plumbing of Austin, TX, they quickly realized the scale of click fraud that had been impacting their campaigns and costing their client tens of thousands of dollars.

“The numbers we saw over the first 30 days for Daniel’s Plumbing were pretty eye popping. After we had a few months of data under our belt, it was obvious that ClickCease was not only working, it was vital to our overall success and SEM strategy as the home service industry’s leading marketing agency”, says Jeff Wauthier, SEM Manager at Wit Digital.

“It’s pretty amazing to think that we have saved our clients almost $100,000 over the last 90 days.”

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The solution

As an agency, Wit Digital expected to see 5-10% savings across the board for their SEM clients. What they actually saw were savings beyond their expectations.

90 day metrics for Wit Digital

Clicks blocked
IP addresses blocked
Cleaner Traffic

Over the last 3 month period Wit Digital have seen fantastic results within their SEM accounts. Whether they are large spend accounts (like Daniel’s Plumbing) or small accounts with a fraction of the spend, it’s obvious that the click fraud that ClickCease is blocking is making a positive  impact on their client’s sales results.

“We are so impressed with the results we have seen from ClickCease since we started using their services to block fraudulent click activity. We’ve definitely seen a marked improvement in campaign metrics since implementing this technology.”

Final remarks

Wit Digital now incorporates data from the ClickCease dashboard into their monthly reports to convey the savings to their clients.
“It’s pretty amazing to think that we have saved our clients almost $100,000 over the last 90 days.”

All of which they have channeled back into their SEM accounts for additional lead activity.

This falls right in line with one of their main core values at Wit Digital as well as ClickCease - which is, always do what’s right.

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All industries and businesses are affected by click fraud in a unique way. Results are subject for the fraud your own business is facing

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