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Block harmful traffic from wasting your budget and skewing your data, once and for all.
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CHEQ is trusted by +14,000 advertisers across all industries

Block only the bad traffic

ClickCease automatically blocks invalid traffic from clicking on your Google ads and seeing your Facebook Ads in real-time, making sure no damage is done to your ad budget.

Who do we block?

With ClickCease, harmful sources won’t be able to even see your ads.

Bots clicks
At least 40% of internet traffic is non human. Bots have no intention of converting and will simply waste your ad budget.
Competitor clicks
What’s stopping your competitors from clicking your ads, depleting your ad budget and taking the number 1 spot on Google from you.
Fake clicks
Driving genuine traffic is the key to getting conversions. Blocking fake clicks improves your quality of traffic and can get you more conversions.
Click farms
Are large scale dedicated click fraud operations, usually hired to inflate the click volume on search engine results and social media channels.
Brand haters
Refers to anyone who wants to see you fail. A depleted budget prevents you from advertising and ruins your marketing results.

Why marketers choose ClickCease

mike moll
mike mollstars

“ClickCease saves us 15-20% of our Google Ads spend every month”

Mike Moll
Managing Director & Founder, Market Me Consulting
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Toronto, Canada
nophry lev-ari
nophry lev-aristars

“ClickCease puts my mind at ease regarding Click fraud on Google Ads”

Nophry Lev-Ari,
Senior Marketing Specialist
tim brown
tim brownstars

“we save 1000's of Dollars each month by Blocking click fraud with clickcease”

Tim Brown
CEO Founder, Hook Agency
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Minneapolis, Minnesota
1000+ Reviews
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ClickCease works with any platform

Whether you want to prevent click fraud on your own custom site or on a platform you use, ClickCease takes just minutes to install.

Say goodbye to click fraud

And enjoy these benefits along the way
outsmart competitors

Outsmart competitors

Learn first who is bidding on your keywords with new competitor notifications. See their ad copy and track their daily position. Beat your competition by improving your ads accordingly.
save money

Save money 24/7

24/7 automatic ad fraud and click fraud protection will make sure you aren’t wasting your budget on impressions and clicks from people and bots that want to harm your business.
improve ads

Improve ads

Replay fresh user mouse recordings on your site. Identify the pain points to improve your users’ experience. Our algorithms also use this data for click fraud detection.


Not all businesses are alike, and neither is all fraud. Our custom features will ensure a higher level of click fraud filtering. Geo Targeting, Device Detection, Custom Thresholds and more.

Get insights

Access your robust click fraud reporting dashboard. View the details of each and every click and monitor your campaign health. Get information such as: browser, time, device, location, ISP, keyword and much more.

Get refunds*

Submitting a GoogleAds refund is a complex process. Our support agents will help you file a request to Google when you are eligible for one.
* Refunds are subject to Google's decision

Don't settle for ordinary protection

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In addition to the default protection
Default protection
Default protection
Real-time blocking
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Real-Time blocking refers to how quickly a fraudulent IP is detected and added to the exclusion list

Only after 24 hours.
Click threshold limitations
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Set how many times an individual IP can click on your paid ads before being automatically blocked.

Visitors Analytics
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Total transparency about each click. Know exactly where the click came from. How they clicked and when it occured.

30+ Data points per click.
Exclude VPN traffic 
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Block any IP that is using a VPN or proxy

Industry-based data
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Set up your detection settings with industry suggestions, making sure your business is in line with the protection it needs

Auto populate IPs on exclusion list
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Keep the most relevant and dangerous IPs at the top of the excluded list while cycling through the least threatening ones.

Auto exclude ips and users on Google and Facebook ads.
Fraudulent behavior session recordings
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See visitor mouse movements - we use this data in order to detect and block fraud.

All sessions recorded.


ClickCease is committed to protecting your data and respecting your privacy

The leading click fraud protection software

Over 2,000,000 campaigns worldwide are protected by ClickCease