Imagine you had planned to attend an upcoming conference. You had made all the preparations and even bought some very expensive gadgets or spent a lot of money on tickets and reservations. After all this, you get to the conference and it turns out to be a bad one. You will definitely find it very difficult to get anything from the conference especially if they are saying a lot of irrelevant things.

This occurrence is not uncommon. There are a lot of PPC/Search conferences annually but they are not all good. A good conference may just be what is needed to propel you and your website into the next level of success. This article has been created to give you a list of 8 of the best conferences to look forward to in 2019.

Converge 2019

This conference will be held from 19 Feb – 22 Feb, 2019. It will be held at Atlanta, Georgia. The whole conference will be sponsored by Converge consulting.

Converge 2019 will be a very special digital marketing conference to educate a lot of marketers and advertisers. The conference will last for three days. The conference will utilize the skills of different professions to inform attendees on different search and marketing techniques. The conference will comprise workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions

B2B Marketing Exchange


This conference will take place from 25 Feb – 27 Feb, 2019. It will be held at Scottsdale, Arizona. The conference will be sponsored by Demand Gen Report.

Anyone attending the B2B Marketing Exchange will expect to take part in different workshops and case studies. These will comprise about 85 sessions lasting six tracks. There will also be an award ceremony for the best marketers and campaigns.

The Revenue Summit

The specific date of this conference will be announced later. It is slated to be either in February/March 2019. It will be held in San Francisco California. It will be hosted by Sales Hacker.

Come learn how to improve sales by using the best marketing strategies which are available to you through technology. You will hear from the executives of different top marketing brands.


This conference will be held in March 2019 but the specific date is yet to be announced. It will take place in New York. It will be sponsored by Conductor.

Conductor will provide you a very special conference. At this conference, you will be able to choose from different types of fields based on your preference. This will include strategic SEO, content marketing intelligence, and digital marketing. The secrets to better ad conversions will be revealed at this conference.

SMX West

This conference will be held sometime in March 2019. It will be hosted in San Jose, California and hosted by Search Engine Land.

This conference brings together the professionals in SEO and SEM. This conference is always fully-packed to educate the attendee on different things other than the basics.

Intelligent Content Conference (ICC)

This will be held on April 8-10, 2019. It will be held at San Diego, California and hosted by Content Marketing Institute.

This conference basically teaches how to integrate great marketing plans with technology. Attendees will have access to content from different marketing professionals.

LeadsCon 2019

It will be held from 4 Mar – 6 Mar 2019. It will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and sponsored by Access Intelligence.

This conference is specially designed to teach how to find, nurture and convert qualified leads to grow the business. It is a great conference to educate SEOs, conversion optimizers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and social media marketers.

Social Media Marketing World

This conference will be held on March 20-22, 2019. It will be held in San Diego, California and sponsored Social Media Examiner.

The conference is specially designed to educate different attendees on the best way to optimize the use of Social Media. Different businesses and websites utilise social media to reach more people and it is right to have the best knowledge about it.

Conferences can be great for you but you have to know the best ones to attend. That is what this article has provided you. Utilise the knowledge about these conferences and being to get better results.