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SEO Tips To Boost Your Ranking

SEO Tips

The Organic Funnel Top

No, this is not the name of a new healthy muffin, it’s just a marketing term that describes getting more users to your site without paid traffic.

Website promotion is a must for any brand wanting to make it in the competitive online world. You need to ensure that your business is standing head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s face it; second place is not the ideal spot and with rampant click fraud and high ppc costs, the wet dream of any marketer is a healthy influx of organic traffic. This is not a guide/course/how to post, it’s just a basic overview of getting started.

The Dream objective? Get ranked #1

Let’s paint the scene.

You have a fantastic website. You have some customers. But, you are keen to experience growth. You are eager to make your mark in the online world. So, now you need to master the art of promotion. Well, that’s where your website is promoted by using a wide range of SEO practices.

Here are some fantastic ways that you can promote your website on your behalf.

Reaching Out

Your customers need to hear or read amazing things about your company. So much so, that outreach is an essential part of the marketing process. You need to promote your website in a positive light. Outreach, for this reason, can maximize your businesses potential in a tremendous way. Remember: second best is not an option.

Outreach can be an excellent way of asserting your dominance in the digital world. Think of it as your stamp, or mark, on the internet. But, it’s also a great tool to making sure that your company is being promoted in a glowing light.

The science behind it is simple. You need to make sure that you are ‘reaching out’ to customers all over. You need to make sure that you are engaging with your demographic on a more personal basis. There is a myriad of ways that we can do this. Social media is, of course, one of the most popular means of doing this. But, we can provide content and blogs to help shape people’s perceptions of your company. All of this can be done to ensure that awareness is built around your business. Aside from awareness, you can benefit from increased leads and sales.

Fresh Content

Content is heralded as the number one way to ensure that your business and website is receiving the attention that it deserves. The content is the best way to reach out to people. Content should always be fresh. It should be engaging. It should enrich your audience and resonate with them in a way that has never been done before. But, it also holds benefits for you too.

Website promotion can be a tough nut to crack. Fear not, it is doable. Fresh and engaging content can guarantee that you are in a great place to start promoting your website. Aside from appealing to the masses, new content is the perfect way to build a brand. You don’t just want to be a business or a website. You want a legion of adoring fans. Content, it seems, is the key to achieving this. It’s a driver for success. It sends people, in their droves, to your website. It increases traffic, awareness and, ultimately, sales.

The benefits, of course, are far-reaching. Well planned, constructed and fresh content can ensure that you are driving traffic and increasing leads. That much is obvious. But, it can also promote your website in an exciting way. It can ensure that you are creating a brand. It makes you an authority on your business. Your customers will come back time and time again. After all, that’s what good marketing is all about.


Modern SEO is subject to a monumental amount of change. But, one thing that never changes is the need for a brand in the online world. Creating a brand is essential. Brand-building exercises are a positive means of promoting your website.

Online branding is a great way of making sure that you are in a good place to promote your website. The rule of this is relatively straightforward. The bigger your brand presence, the more visibility you will have within search engines. The easiest way to achieve authority and to build a brand is through tried and tested SEO methods. We understand that content is relevant. We know that social media is vital. By creating quality content, we can ensure that you are building a high authority brand that your customers will love.

Website Optimisation

Of course, we cannot talk about promoting your website without including how to optimize your site. When it comes to achieving online success, you need to make sure that your site is fully optimized. Content, social media, branding and good SEO practices can ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to promoting your site. Backlinks and page rank all form part of the SEO process.


There is a long list of software for optimizing your site by yourself. Here are just a few worth mentioning:


Moz’s strength is basically their analytics platform. Also, a clever new keyword research tool and their content platform make them pretty shiny for the beginning SEO’er. They’ve maintained their link data offering at a similar level of size and performance since around 2012. The whole thing is targeted at beginners, in my opinion, but the blog and the people behind it have offered a formative influence over most of our careers over the past decade.


Majestic have offered an increased range of tools, improved their API (by offering new endpoints and keeping the data cheap), launched new metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow, increased their index update frequency and size. They’re still completely focused on link data and do a tremendous job of exactly that.


aHrefs have also broadened their offer to content analysis, keyword research and some interesting tools like link intersect as well as vastly improving their index size and update frequency. It’s obvious aHrefs are taken seriously in the market with a growing and popular blog.

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Ilan is a co-founder and the CMO of ClickCease since 2015.
When he isn't dreaming about click fraud you can find him writing about it.
Two of his favorite things in life are: Peppa Pig and writing about himself in third person.

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