2019 is here and we have so much to look forward to already! Last year we saw changes such as Adwords being rebranded to ‘Google Ads’, to brand new targeting options introduced. With Bing, we saw new improvements with the arrival of LinkedIn profile targeting and let’s not forget about ‘Auto Ads’ for Adsense. Likewise, this year we have much more to look forward to, with our two main trends being: AI Automation and Audiences.

Here are 4 PPC trends to look out for in 2019:

Getting Away From Keywords

Although keywords will still play a big role in targeting traffic, there are still many other ways to target your audience; this is the year of audience targeting.  Most advertisers will be shifting away from match types and focusing more on the audience and the context.   This doesn’t mean keywords will completely disappear but the focus should be more on the audience and the quality of content.


You can bet that automation will only continue to dominate PPC campaigns in 2019. What we can hope to see for 2019 is a further strength of machine learning and automation. for different regions of PPC.  Google will be launching “responsive ads” and automation will only further save more time on such repetitive tasks so you can focus more on what matters – your customers!

Advertising Alternatives

Now, more than ever, is the time to diversify your PPC spending because more and more ad types are being introduced this year. This includes new features from Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest and Google. The more ad types are available, the more opportunity arises for making the adverts unique and local. The more local an advert looks, the more likely the click-through-rate will be higher. That being said, it makes sense that there would be more alternatives for advertising.  At the same time, ad extensions are also going to grow, mostly due to the emerging market.

Build Your Brand

While it’s certainly vital to get quantifiable results in PPC, but let’s not forget about the metrics that can’t be analyzed in your success – building your brand.  Remember, building brand loyalty with PPC means the sky is the limit when it comes to conversions; thus, focusing on how to build a genuine brand will definitely benefit you in 2019.

Do not be shocked to see brands launching charming techniques once the time comes. All you’ve got to do is wait patiently and follow the trends in 2019!