There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a buzzword of 2017.

Even though it may be the talk of the town, you may still have some unanswered questions when it comes to A.I.

What does artificial intelligence really mean? How can this affect my business? What does A.I. have to do with click fraud?

By the end of this post, all of your greatest questions will be answered and you can learn how A.I. can seamlessly be integrated into your business.

A.I. – Back to Basics

Artificial intelligence is when a machine can perform “human like” actions.

Back in the day, this meant playing a competitive game of chess against your computer but nowadays can mean driver-less cars.

Businesses are now able to interact with users using machines that act like humans. It becomes a cycle of the business collecting data that then drives the A.I. that can then determine patterns in everyone from individual customers to groups. The more data the more accurate and “human like” the A.I. becomes.

In the PPC world, there are trending practices including voice, video, and relationships. A.I. is built to humanize the digital world in order to bring businesses closer to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence – Causes for Concern

Although this may all sound hunky dory if you take a second to think about A.I. some red flags may pop up.

Steve Gold, CMO at IBM stated in an interview that “What’s interesting about job displacement, not only in A.I. but in technology in general, is it’s the same conversation we’ve been having since the dawn of the computing age”.

The introduction of new technology has the potential to create a riff in the harmony of your business. Some jobs will become obsolete, while new positions will emerge, and can even enhance some careers.

A.I. & Managers – A Closer Look

Managers may arguably be the most affected by artificial intelligence. According to a survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review “managers across all levels spend more than half of their time on administrative coordination and control tasks”.

Since much of their workload will be impacted by the efficiencies of A.I., it’s time for managers to focus on judgment work that landed them the management role in the first place. In reality, decisions rely on insights that go beyond the sphere of artificial intelligence. Managers posses the background and humanity that are necessary to make real life decisions that will best run your business.

Remember, with any position level it’s important to work with artificial intelligence not against it.

Think of artificial intelligence as your friend, not foe.

Restructure your business so that artificial intelligence plays an integral role rather than have a negative impact on your company.

A.I. Can Be Used For Good Not Evil

Now for a better understanding of AI anti click fraud methods.

In the interview, Gold additionally stated “The ability to discover patterns is important here,”….”By determining what click fraud looks like, and understanding those trends, we can fix the problem.”

At ClickCease we do exactly that and more. Our algorithm allows us to monitor and automatically block fraudulent clicks in real time 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

In this case, artificial intelligence saves you both the time and money. The time spent on monitoring your search engine advertising accounts, determine fraudulent clicks, and actively block yourself. To be honest it’s extremely difficult to determine and fight click fraud, which can be costing you the big bucks.

This is a great example of how A.I. can work seamlessly in your business, specifically your next PPC campaign.

Final Thoughts

With technology changing so quickly it’s important to understand exactly these changes are and how they can affect your business.

In some cases, A.I. can have a huge impact on your business that may drive a complete restructuring. But in the case of click fraud protection, artificial intelligence can work effortlessly to make your life better by protecting your campaigns from Fraudsters.