As a marketer, you need to track the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns by measuring the right metrics. That includes keeping a close eye on every lead won, every conversion made, and how much revenue is actually generated. 

Without proper tracking tools, all that becomes a nightmarish task of spending hours crawling through your multiple campaign platforms and putting together your own PPC performance reports.

If that’s been your experience, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a better way. There are many PPC reporting tools that can help you generate these reports, save time, and maximize your ROI.

Why you need PPC reporting tools

Reporting tools don’t just save you time. They also make it so much easier to manage your campaigns and keep your clients in the loop. And yes, you may have invested in an assortment of tools for keyword research and more, and like those software packages, PPC analytics is a factor that needs close attention.

If we delve into a few PPC reporting examples, you’ll find that most managers need to accomplish 3 other objectives with their PPC automation.

Improve accuracy

Exporting reports and collating them in an Excel spreadsheet is not only time-consuming; it’s also error-prone. Instead of trying to summon your — if we’re being honest, non-existent — immaculate attention to detail, you could outsource that task to a pre-programmed tool.

Gain comprehensive insight

If your campaign is doing well with Google Ads but not on Instagram, you need a holistic way to view that data and plot a course forward. PPC reporting tools can do that for you.

Increase Productivity

Aggregate performance metrics, create a report, brand it with your agency’s logo, and send it out to clients, all without lifting a finger. That’s the kind of productivity that PPC reporting tools bring to the table.

Using reporting tools has been shown to improve productivity and help marketers get much more for their money.

Our Top 10 PPC reporting tools 

It can be tough to pick a single PPC reporting solution, so we’ve taken a look at the best ones available for both small businesses and professional digital marketing teams.

1. Reporting Ninja

Reporting Ninja is a popular reporting tool for PPC marketers

Reporting Ninja offers many of the features you might need as a manager for a fair price. The tool can generate monthly reports automatically and send them out to clients, saving you a lot of time. 

But wait, do you want your customers to access their reports on a custom subdomain? No problem! Reporting Ninja will deliver on that too!

With over 16 integrations available, from Google ads to LinkedIn Ads, Reporting Ninja can generate stand-alone reports and combine them into one super report. 

Pricing starts at $20 per month for 10 reports and four users. It provides excellent value for money for managers looking to track their PPC ads and bring clients into the loop.

Key features

  • Generate combined or stand-alone reports
  • Schedule automatic report generation
  • Create dedicated client portals on a customized subdomain
  • Every report is only a few clicks away

2. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics offers a lot of options for automated client reporting

Even though it’s designed for agencies, this PPC reporting solution brings a lot of features to every PPC manager’s arsenal. It has 50+ app integrations that allow you to comprehensively track everything from social media to paid advertising and even email marketing. 

Agency analytics also allows you to customize your own dashboard which flattens the learning curve if you’re used to another PPC reporting platform. This customization option also extends to client reporting because the tool allows you to use white-label PPC reporting. 

There are two tiers of plans available on Agent Analytics, with the lowest being $49 per month. The platform offers a 14-day free trial.

Key features

  • SEO reporting metrics included
  • 60+ integrations available with new ones every month
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Dozens of reports templates plus a drag-and-drop report builder

3. Swydo

Swydo is a popular PPC reporting tool

Swydo allows you to create a comprehensive PPC report in minutes, drawn from multiple platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Like many effective PPC reporting tools, it also allows you to easily distribute your client reports. 

The platform makes it easy to monitor KPIs such as clicks and costs and customize your data based on specific client goals. When the reports are ready, you can export them into PDF and schedule them monthly, weekly, or daily. You can also send out a direct access link which can be used to access them online.

Swydo plans start from $39 per month for 10 data sources but paying for additional data sources earns you a steep discount. There’s also a 14-day free trial.

Key features

  • Set and monitor important KPIs
  • Schedule and send reports with ease
  • Add branding elements to reports
  • Integrate seamlessly with over 36 apps

4. Octoboard

Access all sorts of cloud data with Octoboard

One of Octoboard’s best features is the ability to follow site visitors, regardless of how they arrive on your website. It’s a PPC reporting platform, which means it also allows you to track your metrics and generate concise reports. 

You can even automate the entire process, so the results go out according to a preselected time frame. With Octoboard, you can add your own branding to reports and dashboards, host a dashboard on your website, or create dedicated log-in areas for clients and staff. Subscribers can also create multiple embedded SEO audit forms that capture visitor’s detail and eventually lead to conversions.

Octoboard plans start at $16 per month for 5 reports and go to $42. Users get a 30% discount on the yearly plan.

Key features

  • Automatically generate and send reports 
  • Track site visitors
  • Create dedicated areas for clients and customers
  • White label everything

5. DashThis

DashThis offers tons of marketing data including PPC reporting

DashThis is an automated PPC reporting solution that provides small and large agencies with powerful features for managing their data. The tool has 34+ integrations that make it easy for you to pull data from multiple sources and turn them into a comprehensive report in minutes.

You can also create and customize a dashboard for colleagues and clients to share your reports. Alternatively, DashThis allows you to automate your report distribution so clients can receive real-time feedback. Other great features include agency customization options, preset report templates, and an SEM dashboard report.

DashThis prices start at $33/month for 3 dashboards and go up to $339/month for 50 dashboards. There’s also a 15-day free trial included.


  • White label and customization options
  • Dedicated dashboard for multiple users
  • Automate report creation and distribution
  • 30+ integrations available

6. Metrics Watch

DashThis is an automated PPC reporting solution

If you like to see your marketing data in an at-a-glance visual style, then Metrics Watch will be right up your digital street. It’s also one of the simplest tools on this list, with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder allowing you to custom insert graphs, charts, and lists.

You can also connect Facebook Ad campaigns, including Instagram Ads, as well as Google Ads and Linkedin Ads.

Metrics Watch also allows you to send your custom PPC reports direct to your client’s email, so you don’t even have to do anything.

Pricing starts from $29 per month for up to 2 reports, and $50 for 10 reports, with the option for a custom enterprise package. You can also check out Metrics Watch with a 14-day free trial.


  • Drag and drop report building
  • White label branding
  • Nice visual layout
  • Integrates with popular tools including Google Analytics and Mailchimp

7.  Funnel

If you like to see your marketing data in an at-a-glance visual style, then Metrics Watch will be right up your digital stree

If you’re looking for comprehensive reports across all your marketing data, then you’ll probably want a tool like Funnel. As well as monitoring Google Ads performance, Funnel also integrates with marketing and sales platforms such as Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot, TikTok, Baidu, and… 

Well, actually, there are over 500 app integrations, so if there’s something you’re looking for it’s probably here. 

For digital marketing data, Funnel allows you to collate information into simple to manage reports, and even allows you to clear up messy naming systems or disparate campaigns. So you can track your ROAS across all your marketing channels, and deliver custom reports too.

This huge functionality doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting at $399. There is no free package, but you can schedule a demo to check out all that Funnel has to offer.


  • Collect and present marketing data from over 500 integrations
  • Analyze data from up to 2 years
  • Easy to create no-code data rules
  • Option to create reports and dashboards wherever you like

8. Report Garden

Report Garden is an easy to use tool to generate marketing reports on your PPC ads

An agency favorite, Report Garden is an easy-to-use tool to generate marketing reports on your PPC ads, as well as your SEO campaigns and social media. 

Create custom PPC reports on your Google or Microsoft/Bing Ads, track the performance of your Facebook or Instagram Ads, and track performance on popular e-commerce platforms.

There is also a white-label dashboard for Google Ads, which allows you to present real-time data and KPIs clearly. 

Price-wise, Report Garden starts at $89 which supports only Google Ads tracking. If you want to access the full complement of integrations, you’ll need to look at the Pro plan which starts at $299 a month. Try out Report Garden with a 14-day free trial.


  • Manage reports for PPC, SEO, and social media campaigns
  • White label reports
  • Easy report generating with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Great simple dashboard options

9. Adalysis

Adalysis PPC reporting tool doesn’t just created automated PPC reports.

This PPC reporting tool doesn’t just create automated PPC reports. It also gives some extremely useful insights to help you improve your ad campaigns and even offers a to-do list to enable you to improve your Google Ads quality score and other ranking factors.

Adalysis also claims to be the only ‘fully automated ad testing platform’, with 6 metrics to identify underperforming ad campaigns.

Analyze PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads, keep on top of your budgeting and, of course, generate professional reports for multiple clients with over 50 report templates.

Pricing for Adalysis is based on your ad spend, with a subscription starting at $99. You can check it out for free for 14 days.


  • Automated analysis and A/B testing on your ads to help you optimize
  • Daily audit checks keep your ads on top of the SERPs
  • Generate white-label PPC reports
  • Get insight into your display ad placement too! 

10. ClickCease

OK, truth be told, ClickCease is not a PPC reporting tool. BUT… 

By using ClickCease you’ll be able to generate reports on the amount of fake traffic your website is getting from both paid ad campaigns, and direct and organic traffic on WordPress sites.

As a digital marketer, this kind of insight can be incredibly valuable to your business or agency clients. And, like any good PPC reporting tool, you can generate a white-label report to show your clients how much money you’ve saved them. 

ClickCease works with Google and Bing Ads and also blocks bad traffic from Facebook Ads, including Instagram.


  • The click fraud prevention tool of choice for professional marketers
  • Show your clients how much fake traffic has been blocked, and their savings
  • Blocks bad clicks on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and WordPress sites (direct/organic)
  • Custom blocking offers industry-specific presets


The choice of PPC reporting software available can be bewildering, and knowing which one is right for your team can be tricky.

All of these tools allow customers to manage multiple clients and put together professional reports, often using custom metrics. Making use of the free trials on offer is the best way to get to grips with the right tool for you and your team.

When it comes to delivering those key metrics, either for business owners or marketing agencies, everyone wants to focus on the bottom line. How much money have you either made, or saved?

Click fraud and ad fraud have been shown to waste the digital marketing industry over $40 billion every year. Most businesses see around 14% of their ad traffic coming from fraudulent sources. 

Read more in our complete guide to click fraud

Run a traffic audit on your site with our free 7 day trial and see for yourself exactly who clicks your ads.