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The ultimate list of click fraud and ad fraud statistics
Ad Fraud

The ultimate list of click fraud statistics 2023

Ilan Missulawin | March 10 | 8 min read

spambots can be incredibly damaging to your marketing
Ad Fraud

Why & How Spambots Damage Your Marketing

Oli Lynch | March 9 | 8 min read

SDK spoofing is a major form of mobile ad fraud
Ad Fraud

Spotting SDK Spoofing & Mobile Ad Fraud

Oli Lynch | October 15 | 7 min read

How does website spoofing work?
Ad Fraud

What is Website Spoofing & How Does It Work?

Oli Lynch | August 24 | 6 min read

What is Google Ads Quality score and how can it help your PPC campaigns?
Ad Fraud

How To Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

Zack Shipman | August 4 | 6 min read