One of the things about click fraud is that it’s constantly changing and evolving. If you’ve seen our recent report on the state of click fraud for SMEs during 2020, you’ll know that it’s been a busy year for digital fraud on PPC networks, with a 21% surge in activity during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Increasingly, businesses are waking up to the idea that click fraud detection and prevention is key to taking back control of their marketing spend.

And no, that isn’t just some sales-focused hyperbole. 

Here at ClickCease, we’ve seen our customer signups grow by over 80% in one year.

And in the second quarter of 2020, we saw a 35% rise in new sign-ups.

When you realise that click fraud affects around 90% of all PPC campaigns, costing the industry between $20-40 billion each year, you can see why.

Businesses are realising that the click fraud prevention techniques used by Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., aren’t quite up to the mark. And, if you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, you don’t want to burn between 14-25% of that on fraud…

But what makes ClickCease the best click fraud detection and prevention software? 

our click fraud prevention algorithms and data collection are the best in the industry

Cutting Edge Machine Learning

The secret sauce in our best in class PPC fraud detection is the machine learning algorithms that are constantly analysing fraudulent traffic. 

Currently, we monitor around 9 million clicks a day and block around 800,000 fraudulent clicks. We’re actually on track to monitor 3 billion clicks this year (2020).

Every click adds more data about fraud behaviour to our AI. And, with the constant evolution of malware, botnets, and other shady techniques, this means we’re keeping an eye on new or established botnets, popular locations for fraud, or devices linked to fraudulent behaviour. 

A Huge Bank of Fraud Data 

Here at ClickCease, we’ve been blocking click fraud and ad fraud since 2015, which gives us a headstart on most of our competitors. 

What this means, in real terms, is that we’ve built up a big bank of data on fraudulent behaviour online from our thousands of customers through the years. 

Our industry-leading machine learning system is constantly analysing, detecting patterns, and referring to it’s historical data to pre-emptively stop PPC fraud. As a result, we’ve built a huge blacklist of fraudulent IP addresses, devices, and locations, and we’re constantly adding to it.

By watching behaviour, recognising patterns over time and in industries or on certain campaign types, we get to know the tell tale signs of fraud and the bad actors currently doing the rounds. 

This means we can preemptively block fraudulent clicks from known fraudsters. But, it also means we know how to spot genuine behaviour too, with a much lower chance of blocking genuine clicks compared to other click fraud detection systems. 

Real Time Blocking

click fraud by hour

We’re not ones to boast… Actually, yes, we are… 

We’ve actually tested our click fraud protection software against some of the other big names in the industry, and let’s just say we left them for dust. 

In fact, we’re so fast that by the time one of our competitors has blocked one fraudulent click from a suspect source (circa ten minutes), we’ve blocked it from clicking hundreds more times.  

Device ID Fingerprinting

What makes ClickCease different from what the PPC ad platforms offer? 

Our algorithms assign a unique device ID to any computer, server, phone, or tablet that clicks on your paid ads. This means that even if they change their IP address or hide their location with a VPN, we will still be able to identify that device, thanks to its device ID fingerprint. 

Our click fraud detection algorithm uses device ID fingerprinting

Don’t Google and co already do something like this to block click fraud? I hear you say…

Actually, Google and most of the other PPC platforms block fraud based on IP addresses. This means that a device needs to simply use some readily available software to change its IP address, and it can click again and again on your ad.

With ClickCease, each device is given its own unique ID allowing our system to spot flagged devices even if they’re using a VPN or other obfuscation techniques. This is what makes our fraud detection so much more effective than other technology on the market.

Analyse User Behaviour

People behave a specific way online. Scrolling, pausing, clicking on links, changing to another tab, going back again etc etc.

Over the years, bot behaviour has become more sophisticated, increasingly mimicking human activity. But, that’s not to say it’s hard to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

Our machine learning algorithms have been watching the progress and evolution of bot activity online, versus human activity. They’re constantly learning and finding patterns and adding this data to our data bank and blacklist. 

By understanding genuine human behaviour and the techniques employed by bots, fraudsters, and click farms, ClickCease’s algorithms can instantly make the call whether to allow or block. 

Protect Search, Display and Video

There is a lot of choice for pay per click ads on Google, Bing and Facebook. You want to be assured that all of your ads are protected from the sneaky clicks of those fraudsters, whatever medium you’re using.

ClickCease protects your video ads from being viewed by viewbots or ad fraud botnets. By using proxy detections, watching for abnormal bounce rates, and setting threshold limits, our software prevents your display ads from being clicked or viewed on spoofed sites.

And, of course, it stops your competitors from clicking on your search results, running down your budget, and knocking you off the top spot.

Fully Automated Blocking

Who has time to manually monitor IP addresses, device locations or fishy behaviour? Using ClickCease means you have round the clock (or is that click?) protection for your PPC ads. 

If you’re running any number of PPC ad campaigns, you can simply set up your ClickCease account and let us do the rest. 

Prefer to be a bit more hands on? No problem…

From the ClickCease dashboard, you have control over many aspects of your fraud filtering, including how strict your filters are. You’ll be able to customise your fraud blocking based on  your campaign goals, target locations or industries. 

Is ClickCease REALLY the Best Click Fraud Prevention Software?

Short answer; yes.

We believe that at present there is no other click fraud detection and prevention software that comes close. (Sorry competitors…)

This is backed up by our customer feedback and online reviews. 

Oh and we also protect ads on Facebook, Instagram and FB Messenger. Just another reason why ClickCease is the first choice for click fraud prevention.

Read more about ad fraud on Facebook Ads here.

Not sure if you need click fraud detection software? If you’re running a PPC or paid social campaign, you can try us on for size for free.