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4 Hacks for better Adwords conversions

Dreaming of doubling your AdWords conversion rate?

Hell yes! Any marketer using search looks for improving his ROI by either:

  • Getting more bang for your buck (by increasing AdWords conversion rate)

  • Paying less buck for the bang (by reducing his cost of conversion)

These are your main two goals as a marketer and everything else usually pales in comparison to them. These factors will determine your long term success!

If you have been experiencing some bad times with your campaign or if you just want to take your campaign to new heights, here is a list of tools we have been using or have used in the past that will make your pockets fill up again in no time!

1. Study Your Clients’ Path Of Purchase Thoroughly!

Basically, when you find a strategy or method that seems to be working, instead of celebrating early, study the process!

Try to trace the steps that lead your clients’ to purchase your service. For example, how did your leads reach your site? when a lead first clicked on your site for the first time what exactly happened to them? is there a clear path for them to follow before starting the purchase process?

When it comes down to it, there are five general phases in your customer buying cycle.

In each one of those phases, your customer’s attention shifts to another aspect of your product and therefore, he’ll be asking a different question.

Do not outright assume that your customers know what your product does!

By employing the Google Analytics dashboard’s “Behaviors” tab, you can get a better idea of how your leads behave when they reach your landing pages.

If for example, you are noticing that the number of new visitors is much higher than that of your returning visitors, then that suggests that the majority of your visitors are clueless about your product and it is your job to educate them about it!


2. Make Use Of Negative keywords!

These Keywords prevent certain pre-determined search terms from triggering the display of your ad.

According to Techwyse, these are some of the keywords that should be added by default to all of your campaigns as negative keywords.

So for example, if you are running a plumbing business you’d want your customers to click on your ad, visit your landing page and purchase your services.

You’d certainly want to avoid people who are looking for “plumber s-e-x scenes” because it is obvious that they’re interested in something… else.

So basically, when integrating keywords, make use of negative keywords to prevent your search ad from showing up to users who aren’t likely to convert at all.

In order to do this please follow the steps below:

A. log into your AdWords account.

B. Go to the “Shared Library” tab on the bottom left corner of your screen.

C. Choose “Campaign negative keywords” and then the “+” sign to open the list.

D. add the aforementioned keywords into there.

Using negative keywords helps you by:

  1) By improving your CTR

  2) By reducing CPC

  3) By boosting your ROI

New Call-to-action

3. Test Your Landing Page Design!

While you could be doing everything right with your ads, in the end, it comes down to your landing pages when determining your AdWords conversions.

Many companies have benefitted from A/B testing their landing pages. In fact, President Obama raised an additional $60MM by A/B testing his landing pages!

Remember, every element in your landing page should and can be tested. The color, shape, and placement are important factors which affect your conversion rate.

There is no right and wrong when testing your landing pages. Even the slightest change could an incredible impact on your AdWords conversions. Our best advice would be to try out different methods and see what works best for you!

4. Block Click Fraud!

We saved the best for last. Preventing click fraud from search campaigns can bolster a negative ROI into the green. It is no secret that competitors, hackers, and bots are clicking on your ads. Every campaign suffers from click fraud, research has shown that the percent of rubbish clicks on campaigns stand around the 30% mark. By eliminating click fraud you are eliminating all the useless clicks that you are paying for. If only there was a way to block these fraudsters.

Well, now there is. By monitoring the IP’s clicking on your campaign ClickCease can identify the good IP’s and the bad IP’s. Monitoring IP’s is not the name of the game, blocking IP’s is. If you can block a fraudulent IP you are automatically saving money. ClickCease does exactly that.

There are many ways of improving your campaign ROI, but the best tip is being dedicated to your campaign. A search campaign is always in flux, you can’t just assume it is running smoothly. Checking your campaign metrics daily is crucial.

Ilan Missulawin

Ilan is a co-founder and the CMO of ClickCease since 2015.
When he isn't dreaming about click fraud you can find him writing about it.
Two of his favorite things in life are: Peppa Pig and writing about himself in third person.

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  • Thank you for the very valuable article, Ilan.
    It’s great to be able to use negative keywords properly. It saves a lot of money of your campaign budget.
    As for me, I prefer to use two main tools to generate the most accurate list of negative keywords. On the first stage, I use Google Adword Keywords Planner to get the main core of my future list. Then I’ll broad it with to get negative keywords for specific queries. And the final stage is analyzing all the data we have.
    This approach takes a lot of time, but as I said before, it saves me a lot of money.
    How do you find it, Ilan? I’m open to your tips and ideas 🙂

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